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What do you think ?

Hello ^.^

I just wanted to share something with you and also know what you think about it.
It's not a big deal at all ^^"

I just saw this coat in a store :

PicCollapse )

It immediately made me think about Senga's creation for Gravity!
What about you ?

Please, let me know in the comments!

Thank you in advance ♥



Happy birthday Yasui ♥

Hey Hey Hey !

It's Yasui's birthday today ♥

We wish you :
a great health,
to celebrate your birthday with your friends and or your family,
lots and lots of happiness, love, friends and success
to get what you want the most,
some free time to get some rest,
to get more popular,
to debut with Love-tune,
to get more roles in dramas and or movies...
(Not only butai, that, we, abroad fans, can't see T.T)
To celebrate his birthday, I'm sharing his last pics here :

Big Pic 01Collapse )

Big Pic 02Collapse )

Big Pic 03Collapse )

Big Pic 04Collapse )

Pics credits :

Cuts made by Yuuri♥ (me)
Original scans from yoshiko_mamaLJ.

Tanjoubi omedetou Yasui ♥
Let's toast in his honor~



Happy birthday Senga ♥
Joyeux Anniversaire Senga♥

May all your wishes come true, BUSAIKU grow and you stay as you are~
Faites que tous tes voeux se réalisent, que BUSAIKU devienne plus "populaire" et que tu restes tel que tu es~

With your good mood~
Avec ta bonne humeur~

With your laugh~
Avec ton rire~

With your funny character~
Avec ton caractère joueur, drôle~

With your natural feeling~
Avec ton naturel~

With yourself~
Avec toi-même~

And with all your skills (I couldn't find a picture I like for this !)~
Et avec toutes tes "compétences" [chant, surtout danse] (je n'ai pas réussi à trouver une image qui me plaise pour cela)~

Photos are from yoshiko_mama@LJ
Les photos sont de yoshiko_mama@LJ


Yuta's birthday

Today is Yuta's birthday~

Happy birthday Yuta ♥

May all your wishes come true

And keep going on what you're doing~


With your fabulous acting

Oh yeah !

With your amazing voice ♥

Smelling sakura (Potato d'Avril 2013 by jazzkisumaiLJ)

With your cuteness

Mon oeil

With your character~

Having fun with Miyata

With yourself~

Dja na~

Pictures are mostly from yoshiko_mama@LJ and jazzkisumai@LJ
Other I got them from Google.


Lovely, huh ?

Aren't they lovely ?

Credit : yoshiko_mama@LJ

Today is Kame's birthday ♥

Happy birthday Kame ♥
~ We love you and wish you all the best ~

Trop choupi

With your cuteness

Kame to the pool

With your wonderful smile

Voyeur ! Mdr

With your childish character

Akame Clinic Skit

With your acting skills

tango ac Jin

With your dance skills

so sexy

With your sexy attitude


Bonne année~

Salut ^-^

Bonne année à tous~

Faites que 2015 apporte à tout le monde de la réussite
dans n'importe quel domaine (amour, travail ou amitié...) ♥

J'aimerais partager avec vous une vidéo, qui date un peu...
Quand je la regarde, je ne peux m'empêcher de sourire, surtout à 0 : 12...

Et vous ?



Merry Christmas~

Santa Claus is happy

Hello ^-^

Let's party with the Johnny's~

Merry Christmas ♥

Kisumai Merry X'mas

A.B.C-Z vous souhaitent un Merry X'mas

PS: Those pictures were found on the internet and have been (and still are) on my computer for a while....So I really am feeling sorry for the owners. I'm sorry ! *bows* All rights belong to them !

Akame Tango ?

Hey guys ^-^ / Salut les amis ^-^

English Version
Please...Collapse )

French Version
Je vous en prie...Collapse )



Je vous apporte ma traduction d'OVER, des Hey! Say! JUMP.

D'après la VOSTA de jumpinfs

Checkée par Melian

Thanks to both of you ♥

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~Collapse )